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About Us
Agrilyst is a web-based software platform that helps indoor farms manage their crops and gain data-driven insights to make more profitable production decisions.

Manage Your Facility

Run your farm optimally at all times. With Agrilyst, you can create quick and easy seeding plans from templates for each of your crops. Built for indoor operations, templates make it simple to schedule cut-and-come again varieties, partial harvests, vine harvests, and more. Seeding plans sync automatically with tasks so everyone in your facility knows what to do every day.

Accurate predictions and rich insights

Stop using messy spreadsheets to try and understand your operation. Now, with all of your operational data in one place, you’ll have real-time visualization of every critical piece of data. See how each crop performs over time, how space is utilized in each zone, how pH or EC affects yield, the average waste from stage to stage, and more.

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