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About Us

This is how Lingo Live began.

While working on a deal in Mexico at GE, Tyler Muse realized his high-school Spanish wasn’t going to cut it. His schedule was too busy for in-person classes and the e-learning programs he tried just weren’t working for him. So he responded to a Craigslist ad for Skype lessons posted by a woman in Guatemala.

As Tyler’s friendship with his coach Kathe Solares grew, he became fluent in Spanish. He found he could confidently express himself in groups of native speakers. He wondered why there wasn’t any online language program out there based on one-on-one relationships, like the one he had with Kathe. And in 2012, he created Lingo Live.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Kathe Solares is still a coach with Lingo Live.

Lingo Live makes a difference.

We believe that employees do their best work when employers empower them to speak in their authentic voices. When everyone is free to share ideas and feels invested in listening to others, individuals and teams can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The way we see it, the world is becoming more interconnected all the time – and that’s a good thing. We think all communities benefit from diverse perspectives. Language and communication coaching is a way to jump into this global community with both feet. And that means more growth, more innovation and more opportunities for everyone.