Brooklyn: "Future of Digital Production Teams" Presented by PROCOMER & Central Gate

Brooklyn, NY: Globalization is causing undeniable change to how companies work with digital production teams. Brands & publishers are building internal agencies, tech incubators, and content studios, agencies are having to rethink their business models, and IT organizations are transforming their team structures.

As this change unfolds, the relationship between companies and digital service providers is rapidly evolving. In this event we'll debate:

  • The future of digital production
  • Explore ideas for augmenting digital production & technology services
  • Discuss the rise of creative & tech resources in unexpected places
  • We'll be debating this shift over the course of two events in two different cities, New York & Miami. Each event will feature a Costa Rican tech showcase in partnership with PROCOMER & Central Gate, followed by a panel discussion on the "future of digital production teams!"

    Join us in New York (Dec. 4th) or Miami (Dec. 6th) for an engaging conversation & for the opportunity to meet Costa Rica's top digital shops.

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