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*Note: Please do not apply if you do not have significant experience in a growth or marketing role.*

Paperspace is seeking a Head of Marketing in New York City. We are looking for someone with 

experience to help us scale during this major growth phase of the company. This is a unique 

opportunity to not only lead growth efforts at a startup, but to do so at a company that is 

working at the intersection of many exciting fields like Machine Learning and Artificial 


We are looking for someone: 

  •  With a deep passion for startups, entrepreneurship, and growth 
  •  Who can drive user acquisition and company growth 
  •  Who understands startup scaling and is able to identify pain points in growth efforts 
  •  Who can quickly come up with and execute on growth experiments 
  •  Who is metrics-driven and committed to finding ways of measuring success. 
  •  That has strong critical thinking skills and creativity
  • Your responsibilities will be to : 

  •  Significantly improve our brand awareness 
  •  Identify, implement, and iterate strategies to improve user acquisition 
  •  Manage CAC with clear understanding of drivers in order to scale marketing 
  •  Drive and oversee digital marketing efforts, including paid advertising, SEO, and social media
  •  Manage public relations and communications 
  •  Leverage or build relationships with the industry journalists 
  •  Manage short-form content creation and syndication via newsletters, drip campaigns, etc.
  • The minimum requirements are: 

    1.  Substantial experience leading growth or marketing at a successful startup 
    2.  Impressive track record and ability to show user and business growth 
    3.  Impressive track record to “sell product” to consumers with clearly defined strategies 
    4.  Experience building or expanding marketing efforts and team 
    5.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills
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    Job Overview
    - Company: paperspace
    - Location: New York City, NY
    - Date: 27 October, 2018
    - Job Type: Full Time
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