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Paperspace is looking for a lead designer for our Cloud Deep Learning platform and services. 

We are building next-generation tools for next-generation developers and data scientists. We're 

creating a product that is approachable, easy to use, and valuable. Our team values design 

and ease-of-use very highly, considering it a core value of our product. Our founders and 

many members of our team also have design and/or artistic backgrounds, so you will be working with 

others that understand your values, your lingo, and your key contributions.

  • Paperspace... 
  •  values creativity, elegance, and ease-of-use 
  •  is guided by clean design principles 
  •  wants to differentiate our products through design as much as function 
  •  uses design tools in planning our products 
  •  knows that good design makes a big impact
  • You will bring... 
  •  experience with web design, interaction design, and content design 
  •  interest in understanding the problems people are trying to solve in the machine learning 
  • space

  • a willingness to trying many scenarios to come up with the best solutions 
  • an ability to design on-the-fly in collaboration with users and developers, as well as with our 
  • founders

  •  proficiency with leading-edge design tools
  • It would be great if... 

  •  you know something about web development as well 
  •  you know Creative Suite, Sketch etc. (or other relevant tools) inside & out 
  •  you are opinionated but collaborative 
  •  you have a portfolio, video, or other content you can share
  • Note: we are an equal opportunity employer that values and welcomes diversity. We are 

    committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills.

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    Job Overview
    - Company: paperspace
    - Location:
    - Date: 27 October, 2018
    - Job Type: Full Time
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