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"Tales from a Studio Designer" Presented by ustwo

  • ustwo 26 Broadway, 16th Floor New York, New York 10004 United States (map)

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Navigating personal expectations, teams, and clients when you’re a designer is never easy. Egos can balloon, work gets sacrificed, and opportunities are missed. To help level the playing field, no matter what stage of your career you’re in, we’re partnering with ustwo to discuss and debate the no-holds-barred reality of life as an agency designer. We’ll chat about

  • How truly accepting your personal shortcomings can propel you forward
  • How a change in perspective (and checking your ego at the door) can help you thrive in a fast paced team with high expectations.
  • How setting up the right communication and feedback channels with your peers and clients will, in the long run, set all of you up for success.
  • Some tangible advice on how to deal with challenges regarding expectations for yourself, your craft, and your team.

We’ll put all the cards on the table and discuss, from an unfiltered perspective, how to swallow, digest, and move past the uncomfortable hurdles that any designer working in a fast-paced, rapidly growing design studio like ustwo can (and probably will) run into.

We’ll have drinks, music, plenty of time to meet other industry creatives, and hopefully, will diffuse the stress that comes from asking yourself, “Am I the only one going through something like this?”